Sunday, December 7, 2014

Have you heard Vacay ?

fiazio - Vacay by fiazio on #SoundCloud 24,840 plays...guys help me reach 25,000 :) cheers! #edm #dance #drop

Check our my latest track ! Let me know what you think !

When the writers block hits you

The same screen for months tends to make me less creative. Hence every time I feel emotionless I come here to get the natural vibes from Mother Nature. I stare up to infinity and then life just becomes so much simple!

Going to go back to production using live very soon... Any rappers interested please send me your demo at

Love and light

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Spirit and Music

I guess the higher power does exist, I was desperately searching for a apple iPad usb cable and after 3 rounds up and down, I just asked the universe with my hands joined, eyes closed and divine! It was right there in front of me on the sofa, as if it was playing hide and seek in a very kind and loving way :)

I'm working on a lot of things right now

  • Transfer files to iPad
  • Ready around 15 tracks for the album release
  • Ready 4 Websites
  • Ready GAds Campaign
  • SEO, SMO
Just send me some of your positive vibration and I'll amplify that for you and send a inspired #EDM musical piece with your voice, just for you.

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1: The Magic of the Binaural (Meditation Album)
2: A new EDM Dance Album

Coming this December!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Radio Jingle Production in India

What Is A Radio Jingle?

Those short, snappy tunes you hear in the middle of the melodies played on the radio while you're driving downtown, sampling your morning espresso, at shopping centers and practically all over. Radio is an age old wireless transmission medium and it still has an extensive vicinity around the Indian gathering of people. Has this befallen you? You're in movement, heading to office betwixt the engine cycles, rickshaws, PMT transports and all the sounding is just making the circumstances more awful. You wrench up the volume handle on your auto stereo and the sum of a sudden you hear a voice in your mind singing "Washing powder nirma!" again and again and it simply won't leave your brain regardless of how hard you attempt and now you need to head to the shopping center and restock on some clothing stuff.

That is the thing that a flawless radio handling does, It enters your cerebrum and simply won't take off! Since the 1930′s and 1940′s radio was the main wellspring of family stimulation

radio-notice indiathe Impeccable Radio Jingle

The ideal radio jingle tunes have an impeccable parity of trademark, script, call to movements and an important ear getting tune that stays in the personalities of the crowd making brand mindfulness, advancement and in particular expanding bargains. A well composed radio jingle script will have the accompanying qualities:

Unique Appealing Song.

Exact portrayal of an item or an administration.

Adjusted levels.

Engage in the sound with exact utilization of impacts.

Straight to the point.

On Christmas eve in the year 1926 in Minneapolis, General Factories was nearly ending their breakfast cereal, despite the fact that they disclosed a jingle with an a cappella aggregation singing a snappy tune about the General Plants breakfast oat. The jingle was broadcast across the country and the organization made powerful deals, such a large number of that Wheaties is found in very nearly every kitchen in the United States.

radio publicizing jingle indiaan promotion jingle can support the bargains, development, brand distinguishment of a business and carry new clients. Its an extraordinary approach to start another item like Land Ventures, Garments, Restaurants, Occasions and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The exact simple to recollect jingles could be contrasted with nursery rhymes, as we have adult getting a charge out of nursery rhymes, our mind effortlessly gets a handle on the data as it is one of the beginning couple of things you began to take in growing up. The distinguishment example is blazed in our brains, henceforth jingles have an extraordinary effect when made straightforward, clean, simple to recall, fresh vocals and a fitting sound specialist blend and expert to convey an ear sweet sound to the gathering of people. A wonderful publicizing might as well stand out just enough to be noticed, get into your mind and stay there for quite some time.

Is it experimentally demonstrated by therapists and neurologists that music which has an in number passionate association with the audience is not simple to overlook.

We prepare brilliant Jingles in India for you business / administrations as per your necessities. Our studios are placed in Australia, Singapore, Mauritius, UK and India, this helps us provide for them you the most noteworthy quality effects. Assuming that you are looking to get some radio jingles tests, We'd want to get notification from you!

Sidd is a Music Maker, Sound Designer in Indiasidd Scindia is a Sound Architect, Motion picture Maker, Music Maker, Realistic, Web Fashioner, SEO, SMO proficient presently moved to India from Singapore

Inquire at
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